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CUP 2015 – Improving Patient Management & Outcomes

Conference programme and speakers

Poster Abstracts . The winning poster was Wagland et al, Soton Uni. Second equal: Schroeder et al, German Cancer Research Centre; Gilmore et al, Royal Free Hospital London.



Symons & Greco Introductory remarks

Part 1: Introduction

Pavlidis Overview of clinical presentation and treatment

Oien Histopathology

Vajdic Epidemiology

Part 2: Translational/ clinical research

Pavlidis Biology

GriffithsG Phenotypic screening

Greco USA research

Schofield  Australia research

Wasan UK research

Part 3: MDT perspectives

GriffithsR CUP MDT (Clatterbridge)


Low CUP MDT (CNS perspective)

Part 4: Future perspectives

Caulfield 100K Genomes Project

Greco Controversy


CUP 2014 – The Management, Treatment and Future Perspectives of CUP



The Seminar Programme and Speakers


Seminar objectives, backgound to CUP.  (9 mins) Dr John Symons and Prof Nicholas Pavlidis

Module 1 – The Epidemiology, Biology and Pathology of CUP

Epidemiology. (22 mins) Prof Kari Hemminki

Biology. (15 mins) Prof Nicholas Pavlidis/Dr George Pentheroudakis

Pathology. (27 mins) Dr. Karin Oien

Module 1 Discussion session (41 mins). Chair: Dr Harpreet Wasan

Module 2 – Diagnostic challenges, subsets and prognosis

The role of imaging. (35 mins) Dr Ben Taylor

The role of molecular profiling and new diagnostic technologies. (33 mins) Dr Robert Wassman

Natural history, clinicopathological subsets,and prognostic factors . (17 mins) Professor Nicholas Pavlidis

Module 2 Discussion session (21 mins). Chair: Dr Harpreet Wasan

Module 3 – Treating CUP

Treating favourable prognosis subsets. (18 Mins) Professor Nicholas Pavlidis

Treating CUP subsets by empirical or by molecular-assay directed treatment.  (10 mins) Prof cost Pavlidis/ Dr George Pentheroudakis

Ongoing clinical trials: CUP-One (UK). (18 mins) Dr Harpreet  Wasan &  SUPER (Australia) (15 mins). A/Professor Penelope Schofield

Module 3 Discussion  session (29 mins)

Module 4 – Guidelines, psychosocial aspects and palliative care

Existing CUP Guidelines (NICE, NCCN, ESMO); Criticism and perspectives.  (43 mins) Dr Richard Osborne/ Dr George Pentheroudakis

Psychosocial aspects facing CUP patients – UK perspective. (22 mins) Dr Carol Davis

Psychosocial aspects facing CUP patients – Australian perspective .  (12 mins) A/Professor Penelope Schofield

Module 4 Discussion session (40 mins)

Module 5 – Future perspectives

Defining actionable molecular phenotypes for therapy using Next Generation Sequencing. (29 mins) Prof. Andrew Biankin

Personalising cancer medicine – from CUP to site specific cancers and back again. (20 mins) Dr Harpreet Wasan

Module 5 Discussion session (6 mins)


CUP 2012 [temp link to old website]


Slides of presentations by:

Brooks; Greco; Osborne; Pavlidis; Schofield (molecular biology); Schofield(patient experience); Vajdic; WaglandWasan

CUP 2009

The findings from the 2009 Conference were published in Annals of Oncology. 2012 Feb;23(2):298-304.  Greco FA, Oien K, Erlander M, Osborne R, Varadhachary G, Bridgewater J, Cohen D, Wasan H. Cancer of Unknown Primary: Progress in the Search for Improved and Rapid Diagnosis Leading Toward Superior Patient Outcomes.

Specific presentations transcripts from CUP 2009 are shown below:



Research-Diagnosis_and_Treatment (Bridgewater)






MicroRNA Profiling (Cohen)



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