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18 Sep 2021

There is a daily programme of webinars featuring CUP experts from around the world. Details and sign-up are shown here: The UK webinar speakers for Tuesday 21 Sep at 1200 hrs UK time is shown below

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10 Aug 2021

Drawing on CRUK’s excellent statistics department the latest data (Incidence 2017: Mortality 2018) show incidence of CUP in the UK has once again fallen slightly at 8341 cases – some 2% of all cancers and the 15th commonest. As always, CUP is slightly higher in females (52%) and the 11th commonest cancer; for males it is the 14th commonest. MortalityRead more

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25 Jun 2021

Fundraising and awareness events are coming back to life as restrictions ease and the weather improves. We are very grateful to those taking-up these stretching challenges to support our work. Mark Larden and Tina took part part in this years Race to the Kings, 19 and 20 June, to raise money (over £3,500 before Gift Aid) in memory of Tina’sRead more

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07 Jun 2021

The Sunday Times of 6 June 2021 carried a piece about the CUP-COMP trial. The article is based on Roche’s press release: The Christie NHS Foundation, astronomers from Durham University, Roche UK and biotech company ConcR are working together to advance the diagnosis and treatment of cancer of unknown primary (CUP) after being awarded a government grant of almost £1million,Read more

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14 Apr 2021

Two (one hour) webinars that have taken place recently will be of interest to those working in the CUP arena. The recording links for each can be found in our Blog 29 Apr. Enhancing Referral and Management of MUO/CUP Patients. We are sponsoring this SBK webinar. The event led by Dr Sarah Ngan, Consultant in Medical Oncology, Guy’s and StRead more

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16 Mar 2021 02 Feb 2021 27 Jan 2021

The NHS Cancer Programme has, very helpfully, put out the following which, in its link to the Green Book, gives very comprehensive information about the vaccines, priority for those on cancer treatment etc. We write to notify you of recent updates made to The Green Book, a government document that sets out information on the coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines, and adviceRead more

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02 Dec 2020

Our Annual Report and Accounts for this year can be viewed here. 2020 has been a punishing year for all but there is plenty of good news: • The latest epidemiological data show that CUP incidence and mortality rates have decreased by about a third (35%) in the UK in the period 2007 (when the charity was formed) to 2017.Read more

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18 Nov 2020

Our website is back, thankfully, after a week! On Wednesday 11 November our website went down and the hosting company confirmed the next day that the site had been compromised and we accepted immediately a quote to work on the problem.  It seems likely that some sad person targeted us and managed to break-in through a ‘backdoor’ during maintenance.  TheRead more

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