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17 Jan 2020

The official website for World Cancer Day states that the aim is to ‘recognise that our commitment to act will lead to powerful progress in reducing the global impact of cancer….We need your commitment to create a cancer-free world. CUP Foundation – Jo’s friends is totally supportive of taking a global view – embracing research expertise around the world toRead more

31 Dec 2019

Disappointingly, the findings of the long-running GEFPCAPI trial led by Dr Fizazi of the Institut Gustave Roussy have proved negative. The trial has concluded that: “In GEFCAPI 04, using a molecular test followed by tailored systemic treatment did not improve outcomes of patients with carcinomas of the unknown primary site.” The trial ran from March 2012 to February 2018 inRead more

19 Dec 2019

The UK mortality data for 2017 are now available on the excellent statistics area of CRUK website. UK CUP mortality has dropped to the 6th commonest cause of cancer death having been at 5th place for many years. The order now runs: Lung, Bowel, Prostate, Breast, Pancreas, CUP. The actual numbers for 2017 are 9,156 (9,410 in 2016) which isRead more

31 Oct 2019

A paper by A. Creak – Prospective Cohort of Referrals to a Cancer of Unknown Primary Clinic, including Direct Access from Primary Care – in Clinical Oncology: a Journal of the Royal College of Radiologists (2019 October 18) reporting on the Brighton CUP team is interesting. To quote from the summary: The Brighton cancer of unknown primary (CUP) clinic coversRead more

24 Oct 2019

Those who have followed the saga will recall our attempts over the years to get published the report of the 2016 external peer review of CUP services in England. It is still not available on an NHS website but we have been given permission by the Quality Surveillance Team to place it on our website – which we are pleasedRead more

02 Aug 2019

We are particularly pleased to see the plan to roll-out Rapid Diagnostic Centres (RDCs) across the country following the 2018 trial. Cancer alliances are required to have at least one RDC site accepting patients NLT January 2020. The aim with RDCs is that ‘patients displaying symptoms of cancer can be assessed and diagnosed in as little as a day.’ ExistingRead more

08 Jan 2019

The NHS Long Term Plan has now been launched which sets out the way forward for cancer services. Cancer and the NHS Long Term Plan In the consultation period, and in meetings with the team preparing the plan, we have pushed for genomic testing for CUP patients and it is pleasing to see in the attached ‘The offer of genomic testingRead more

20 Dec 2018

Prof Mark Caulfield has sent out this message: On the 5th December 2018 Genomics England announced that we reached our 100,000 genome milestone. The sequencing of 100,000 whole genomes marks an extraordinary UK achievement that is transforming the application of genomics in our NHS. Genomics England and NHS England are extremely grateful to the 85,000 participants, 1,500 NHS staff, overRead more

31 Oct 2018

Dr Kai Keen Shiu is quoted in Medscape Wednesday, October 29, 2018 in an article entitled ‘Cancer of Unknown Primary: Finding Mutations Alters Therapy’ by Liam Davenport which begins: ‘More than two thirds of patients with cancer of unknown primary (CUP) have mutations detectable on circulating tumor DNA (ct-DNA) testing, or so-called liquid biopsy. For these patients, ct-DNA testing couldRead more

24 Oct 2018