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24 Apr 2024

Very comprehensible article on how examining circulating tumour DNA from liquid biopsies will change the search for CUP based on the proof of concept research by Dr Conway at The Christie. A new blood test for cancer of unknown primary (

23 Apr 2024 20 Feb 2024

Dr Natalie Cook has been awarded a 5-year National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Rosetrees Trust Advanced Fellowship. The £730,000 award will fund an ambitious and exciting programme of research into cancer of unknown primary (CUP).  

28 Oct 2023

The abstract presented at ESMO by Dr Harpreet Wasan – PI of the CUP-One trial: A prospective double-blind validation of molecular classifiers in the diagnosis of Cancer of Unknown Primary and clinical outcome. CUP-ONE esmo abs

18 Oct 2023

LBA16 – Primary analysis of efficacy and safety in the CUPISCO trial: A randomised, global study of targeted therapy or cancer immunotherapy guided by comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) vs platinum-based chemotherapy (CTX) in newly diagnosed, unfavourable cancer of unknown primary (CUP) Background With platinum-based CTX, prognosis of patients (pts) with unfavourable CUP is poor; however, CGP may inform treatment strategiesRead more

15 Sep 2023 13 Sep 2023

The DRAFT NICE quality standard on suspected cancer update can be seen here for stakeholder comments by 18 Sep:  The issue for CUP patients has always been around initial presentation (to GPs) with non site-specific symptoms and it is encouraging to see the espoused theory in the update: ‘If results of tests in primary care cannot establish the mostRead more

12 Jul 2023

Will Quince MP, Minister for Health and Secondary Care, has taken over from Helen Whately.   (He has already announced that he will be standing down at the next election.) As The Minister of State for Health and Secondary Care he is responsible for: NHS secondary care: o elective care recovery o hospital reconfigurations o special measures regime major diseases oRead more

16 Jun 2023

Yesterday the Specialised healthcare alliance (SHCA)  launched a report entitled ‘Navigating the labyrinth: reducing delays to a rare disease diagnosis’. Whilst CUP is not, strictly speaking, a rare disease it is ‘less common’ and complex. This report makes useful recommendations for those with a Symptom Without a Name (SWAN)

16 Jun 2023

The Secretary of State has just published his mandate for 2023 to NHS England. ‘ The priorities for improving cancer outcomes:   Comment: Sunt facta verbis difficiliora