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08 Feb 2023

Our report and accounts for last year can be seen here For the long view visit the Charity Commission website  – our number is 119380

11 Jan 2023

In conjunction with SBK we have another online event on Tuesday 7 March (09:00-15:50). This is an opportunity to look at the implications of RDCs and WGS on the patient pathway. Speakers and topics are shown here on the SBK website.

10 Jan 2023

NCRI are conducting a survey to help identify the research priorities for CUP. This is not limited to clinicians. Anyone with an interest in the next steps for CUP research in the UK is invited to complete the survey. Those outside the UK are most welcome to contribute as well. The survey can be found here until 3 Feb:—research-priorities-survey-

22 Dec 2022

ESMO have published (20 Dec 22) Cancer of unknown primary: ESMO Clinical Practice Guideline for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.  The,  very comprehensive, guideline can be seen in our research section. (This replaces ESMO’s 2015 Guideline) Authors: A. Krämer T. Bochtler C. Pauli G. Baciarello S. Delorme K. Hemminki L. Mileshkin H. Moch K. Oien T. Olivier A. Patrikidou H. WasanRead more

01 Nov 2022

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) becomes Standard of Care for CUP patients. Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) WGS in all ages and in upfront testing is included in the National Genomic Test Directory in the 31st October 2022 publication as a standalone referral indication (M226.4). The National Genomic Test Directory specifies which genomic tests are commissioned by NHS England, the patients that areRead more

11 Oct 2022

For some time we have been pressing for clarification on Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) in relation to Standard of Care (SOC) for CUP patients. The all-important Test Directory is to be updated shortly and Professor Dame Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer for England and SRO for NHS Genomics has advised us that: ‘CUP WGS in all ages and in upfrontRead more

11 Oct 2022

Research by Natalie Cook’s CUP group at the Christie in Manchester has shown that a significant number of provisional CUP patients can be put onto a site specific pathway for Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. “By reclassifying some of those CUP patients with cancer in the liver as bile duct cancer patients, this would lead to increased treatment options and a better prognosis.Read more

30 Aug 2022

Encouraged from a number of sides, NICE have decided that an update to the Guideline is not presently warranted. A slight glimmer of light is shown in their statement that ‘we do feel that this area is moving but there is not yet sufficient evidence for us to suggest an update. We are tracking a number of ongoing trials whichRead more

02 Jul 2022

31 October 2022 has been confirmed as the last date at which patients globally may be entered into screening for the trial. All patients screened on or prior to 31 Oct 2022 will continue in the study as usual i.e. eligibility review, induction chemotherapy, MTB (if applicable) and Treatment phase.

25 Jun 2022