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30 Oct 2017

Pharmaceutical company Roche is to sponsor a multi-country, Phase II, genomic profiling study to evaluate the efficacy of molecularly guided therapy versus platinum chemotherapy in CUP patients. Profiling will be based on the FoundationOne® assay. It is intended that the trial should open in approximately 100 sites in 25 countries and will enroll 790 patients. Last week it was agreed,Read more

14 Oct 2017

A very exciting PhD research project has started at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute. CRUK Clinical research fellow, Dr Alicia Conway, is to test the hypothesis that liquid biomarkers, including but not limited to ctDNA, circulating tumours cells (CTCs) and tumour educated blood platelets, can be used to detect tissue of origin and molecular subtypes in patients with carcinomaRead more

11 Oct 2017

Perhaps a bit ‘left field’ but interesting for its similarities with humans, an article on CUP in dogs by Rossi et al can be found here on PubMed. This is the abstract: The aim of this retrospective study was to describe clinical features, treatment and outcome of 21 dogs with metastatic cancer of unknown primary (MCUP), a biopsy-proven malignancy beingRead more

06 Oct 2017

At the recent ESMO 2017 conference Caris Molecular Intelligence (CMI) presented 2 posters on clinical benefit and utility that may be of interest – the details below are provided by Caris: 1. Comparison of progression-free survival (PFS) on comprehensive multiplatform profiling-guided therapy to PFS on prior therapy: a pooled analysis from 4 contemporary prospective studies. Summary: • In total, 202Read more