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31 Oct 2018

Dr Kai Keen Shiu is quoted in Medscape Wednesday, October 29, 2018 in an article entitled ‘Cancer of Unknown Primary: Finding Mutations Alters Therapy’ by Liam Davenport which begins: ‘More than two thirds of patients with cancer of unknown primary (CUP) have mutations detectable on circulating tumor DNA (ct-DNA) testing, or so-called liquid biopsy. For these patients, ct-DNA testing couldRead more

24 Oct 2018 12 Oct 2018

We have been battling for some years to get this report released. The review process was an invaluable exercise in raising standards for CUP patients in England and whilst each hospital trust will have received feedback there has been no way to look at the overall picture…..until now. Following a change of leadership at QST and with the help ofRead more

04 Oct 2018

For many years CUP was covered within a sub group of the Upper GI Clinical Studies Group (CSG) of the National Cancer Research Institute. Recommendations for UK CUP research projects would be subject to peer review by the group prior to submission for funding . Towards the end of 2017 NCRI reviewed the positioning of CUP and it was removedRead more