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Peer Review of Cup Services by the Quality Surveillance Team

October 12, 2018

We have been battling for some years to get this report released. The review process was an invaluable exercise in raising standards for CUP patients in England and whilst each hospital trust will have received feedback there has been no way to look at the overall picture…..until now.
Following a change of leadership at QST and with the help of the Director of the NHS Cancer Plan we have received a copy of the report. It has not yet been released within the NHS but when it is we will add a link. We highlight some of the key findings below. For more detail please get in touch.
192 CUP hospital services commissioned within England and all were assessed against the CUP Measures. Overall median for hospital measures was 67% – 56 hospitals were 100% compliant.. 74 were in the 0-39% band; 37 had’ immediate risks’ identified and 75 had ‘serious concerns’ raised. In these cases hospital management were informed immediately and advised to take action.
Of the MDTs, no MDT achieved 100% compliance. 87% compliance was achieved by: Walsall, Royal Free, Plymouth, Great Western, and Frimley Park. The main problem areas were ‘core membership’, ‘quoracy’, ‘core member attendance’, and ‘patient feedback’.
One example of good practice was the ‘signposting of patients to CUP Foundation – Jo’s friends’.

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