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30 Sep 2017

Patient experience research is vital to the understanding of how CUP patients can be managed best. A paper – which explores the differences between patients with known versus unknown cancers – is published this week in BMJ Open Volume 7, Issue 9: Differences in experiences of care between patients diagnosed with metastatic cancer of known and unknown primaries: mixed-method findings fromRead more

23 Sep 2017

Our 10th anniversary Awareness Week campaign is ’10 x more‘. Please support us by making 10 times more people aware of the disease. # CUP is the 5th commonest cause of cancer death in the UK (after lung, bowel, breast, prostate) # 24 new cases of CUP are diagnosed every day in the UK (Ratio of 1 male to 1.2Read more

15 Sep 2017

The New South Wales Cancer Institute have begun the process of drafting national clinical guidelines for the treatment of CUP and have sought our experience. We have been able to put them in touch with some useful contacts for researchers, a clinician and a patient representative in Australia. It is opportune that Dr Richard Osborne who led the NICE CUPRead more