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Exploring patient experiences of ‘known’ versus ‘unknown’ cancer diagnoses

September 30, 2017

Patient experience research is vital to the understanding of how CUP patients can be managed best. A paper – which explores the differences between patients with known versus unknown cancers – is published this week in BMJ Open Volume 7, Issue 9: Differences in experiences of care between patients diagnosed with metastatic cancer of known and unknown primaries: mixed-method findings from the 2013 cancer patient experience survey in England.  The authors are Richard Wagland, Mike Bracher, Allison Drosdowsky, Alison Richardson, John Symons, Linda Mileshkin, and Penny Schofield.

The work was supported by the Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) Foundation and Cancer Australia. Additional funding was provided by the ‘Adventures in Research’ funding stream at the University of Southampton.

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