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30 Jan 2017

With Southampton University and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Australia we have been carrying out various studies over recent years to try and understand the experiences of CUP patients and their families. The latest study, in progress, is to compare CUP patients with patients who have site-specific metastatic cancers (colorectal, breast, head and neck, kidney/adrenal, prostate, pancreas, and upperRead more

12 Jan 2017

We continually make the cry that we need more research into CUP: it’s biology, CUP diagnosis, the efficacy of treatment regimens, the value of molecular profiling, patient experience etc. Very little clinical or translational research has been funded in the UK with the exception of CUP One which is a National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) trial. Findings are due this year.Read more

03 Jan 2017

Cancer Research UK do a great job in presenting cancer data drawn from the Office of National Statistics. The data on CUP is now presented in a very visible way. You can view it here. You need to remember that the data are for the latest year available and this is 2014. The main points are: UK CUP incidence is downRead more