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Mutual support


Living with a CUP diagnosis

Any cancer diagnosis is stressful; because of its ‘unknown’ characteristic, a CUP diagnosis is particularly stressful for patients, and their loved ones. However, we have to find a way to continue to function effectively and be as resilient as possible to the stresses of CUP.

In his 1979 book, Health, Stress and Coping, followed by his 1987 work, Unravelling the Mystery of Health the Israeli- US sociologist Aaron Antonovsky (1923 – 1994) wrote about the relationship between stress and health. A key concept in Antonovsky’s theory concerns how specific personal dispositions serve to make individuals more resilient to the stressors they encounter in daily life. Researching survivors of Nazi concentration camps, Antonovsky identified the characteristics which he claimed helped a person cope better (and remain healthy), by providing that person with a “sense of coherence” about life and its challenges. Antonovsky argues that to avoid chronic stress we need to try and create a social and physical environment that is: Comprehensible, Manageable and Meaningful.


Our interactive forum is now closed

For most of our first decade we ran an interactive Forum. Sadly, because of spam attacks it has become unmanageable and we have had to close it down. Un-authorised people and machines were hacking into the forum and leaving irrelevant messages at the rate of perhaps 100 per day. The more defenses we put-up the more difficult it made using the Forum for genuine users.

‘Your story’ from the Forum

You can read threads from previous years . Please note that the shared experiences are good and bad – they do not all make for comfortable reading.

‘My Story’ transcripts (2013-2012) from the old Forum

‘My Story’ transcripts (2011-2010) from the old Forum

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