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28 Jul 2017

An editorial in this week’s Lancet Oncology is worth reading before we get too carried away, without evidence, of what immunotherapy might do for CUP patients. The concluding paragraph begins: ‘While heralding an enticing treatment opportunity, it is essential to bear in mind that the current generation of immunotherapies merely extends life expectancy for a small proportion of patients.’

17 Jul 2017

Pathology is critical to an accurate diagnosis of cancer – and for getting the best possible clues to aid treatment from the tissue of a patient where a site-specific diagnosis remains elusive. There are very few pathologists with expertise in CUP so it is good news – if not overdue news –  that The Royal College of Pathologists have drafted aRead more

10 Jul 2017

There is an interesting article in the business section of the Sunday Telegraph of 9 July 2017 ‘Welcome to the genomic era and its new gold rush’. The thrust is absolutely in line with the CUP Foundation’s wish list! Last week Dame Sally Davies, the chief medical officer, challenged the NHS and biotech companies to make genome sequencing standard withinRead more

04 Jul 2017

The report today that the Chief Medical Officer is throwing her weight behind genomic testing for cancer patients is encouraging. This is the report in the Daily Mail: ‘Genetic tests should be offered to millions of patients with cancer and other rare diseases, according to the chief medical officer. Dame Sally Davies said these would enable doctors to diagnose illnessesRead more