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ESMO 2017

October 6, 2017

At the recent ESMO 2017 conference Caris Molecular Intelligence (CMI) presented 2 posters on clinical benefit and utility that may be of interest – the details below are provided by Caris:

1. Comparison of progression-free survival (PFS) on comprehensive multiplatform profiling-guided therapy to PFS on prior therapy: a pooled analysis from 4 contemporary prospective studies. Summary:
• In total, 202 patients were enrolled and profiled
• Median PFS of 120 days in patients receiving CMI-guided treatment, compared to 89.5 days in un-guided patients receiving the prior line of treatment.
• The majority of patients received chemotherapy alone

2. Comprehensive analysis of cancers of unknown primary for the biomarkers of response to immune check-point blockade therapy. Summary:
• 389 cases of CUP were tested with NextSeq platform with a 592‐gene panel
• Using a multiplex testing approach, 28% of CUPs had biomarkers (TML-H, MSI-H and/or PD-L1) of response to the immune check point blockade were identified, making CUP one of the most likely candidate to benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitors
• Several gene amplifications which could be considered for targeted therapies include CCND1 , FGF3, FGF4, FGF19, HER2, MYC and AKT2

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