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11 Mar 2020 19 Feb 2020

This very exciting trial, which we have supported from the beginning, will have two new centres in the UK in early 2020 located in Torbay and Edinburgh. The existing centres, which are recruiting patients, are shown on this page of our website (which links to more details of the trial). The CUPSICO trial is a Phase II genomic profiling studyRead more

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20 Dec 2019

Thanks to the efforts of our supporters and friends we have had an increase in income this year and our expenditure continues to remain very low. We can justifiably continue to claim that 97% of donations go towards our charitable objectives. There is much good news to report in 2019: o The Roche trial, called CUPISCO, is now well underwayRead more

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11 Nov 2019

The 5th edition of the booklet Understanding Cancer of Unknown Primary has been published by Macmillan Cancer Support. This is the booklet that we originally developed with Cancerbackup, before it became part of Macmillan. It is revised every 3 years.

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20 Sep 2019

We have started a Facebook closed group for patients and carers to interact. It can be found by searching on FB for CUP patients and carers which then gives the option to apply to join the group (the only way to see the posts and interact).

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26 Jul 2019

UK Care Guide have an excellent infographic and guide to help break down, in simple terms, all the steps that someone needs to go through when they have lost a loved one in the UK.

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21 Jun 2019

Comments continue to be received about our international conference in May. The latest today from a consultant oncologist captures the sense of optimism: ‘It was really a wonderful day and it has filled us all … with lots of enthusiasm that things are moving forward in the world of CUP research.’

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18 Jun 2019

The latest (2016) incidence data for CUP have been made available by CRUK. They show a slight increase in new cases in comparison with 2015. In 2015 the total number of UK cases was 8,635 and in 2016 this has risen to 8,899. The increases are in England, Wales and N Ireland; there has been a fall in Scotland. TheRead more

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30 May 2019

Supporters Update April 12th: In his memory, Paul Barker’s friends continued his annual golf day again this year sharing the proceeds of £2572 between CUP Foundation and Marie Curie 19-22 April: Joe Poolman & Tyler Davies cycled the 171 mile Great Ocean Road in Australia in support of their friend Olivia Nelson whose mother Jane had been diagnosed with CUP.Read more

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28 May 2019

Tony Greco was due to chair CUP 2019. He was admitted to hospital in the USA shortly before the event. We are delighted to report that he has been making excellent progress and hopes to be back at work in a few weeks.

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