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SUPER-NEXT – the next exciting stage in CUP research from Australia

November 26, 2020

Our friends (see below) in Australia have expanded from the SUPER trial to SUPER-NEXT with funding from the Australian Federal Government.

SUPER-NEXT uses state-of-the-art genomics approaches to interrogate the molecular landscape of CUPs. These studies aim to help resolve the cancer tissues of origin, as well as identify potential targeted treatment approaches, providing valuable new information to clinicians to help guide best cancer care. The study will assess how best to integrate comprehensive real-time genomic profiling into current standard clinical assessment and decision making processes for CUP. Emphasis will be on timely delivery of clinically-relevant genomics insights to clinicians to improve clinical management and outcomes for patients. To do this, SUPER-NEXT will systematically determine best practices by comparing different sequencing approaches, as well as developing novel assays to overcome common issues around tissue availability, including sequencing of genetic material from blood (ctDNA) and archived tissue (FFPE).

The chief investigators of the trial are well known to the CUP Foundation: Dr Richard Tothill (University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research); Prof Linda Mileshkin (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre); Prof Penelope Schofield (Swinburne University of Technology, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre); Prof David Bowtell (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre).

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