Some 400 attendees registered for the expert discussion on 21 June. Zoom went down shortly after the talk began but those who were already on line were rewarded with a fascinating hour. For those who were not able to join but were registered the recording will be sent. The recording can be seen on YouTube here.

Comments on the session included:

• Excellent discussion between two specialists in Cancer of Unknown Primary giving some history of CUP, the current knowledge of CUP as well as looking at what the future might hold for these patients.
• Extremely interesting listening to the experiences and thoughts of two great ambassadors for CUP
• Fascinating and informative
• Informative and engaging
• Insightful and very well run session
• It is so useful to hear expertise around the globe talk on this subject.
• It set the current stage and identified the future ways in which we will determine tumour origin and bespoke SACT for the individual.
• Really good insight into what CUP means, treatment, research and future of CUP.
• The format of question and answer was unique and most useful.

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