A day devoted to Developing and Maintaining your Effective MUO/ CUP team took place in London on 6 Dec 2016 run by SBK Healthcare with input from Jo’s friends (a similar event had been held in Birmingham earlier in the year). Some 50 people attended – predominantly CUP nurses and oncologists from Trusts throughout the UK – to discuss how best to run their CUP teams. There were presentations on pathology, palliative care, epidemiology, radiology, data collection and an overview of the initial findings of the external Peer Review of 2016. The day was chaired expertly by consultant medical oncologist Dr Kai-Keen Shiu of UCL and speakers included nurses Katy Low and Annie Law, consultant histopathologist Dr Antonio Paiva-Correia, oncologist Dr Roopinder Gillmore and  Jo’s friends director, John Symons.


Asked on the feedback form whether they would recommend the day to a colleague, 100% of respondents said ‘yes’!This is what participants said of the day:

  • Excellent overview of the management of CUP and CUP services • Good overview of CUP • Very useful getting lots of different perspectives • Very valuable in learning how other services run and motivating me for service improvements • Provided foundation knowledge on CUP/MUO Service • I found the talks interesting and it was helpful to be able to network/share practice experience with colleagues • Positive, inspirational, achievable goals for the future • Informative • Valuable meeting • Good overview of main MUO/CUP services • Good discussions, good to update my knowledge • A very enjoyable and informative day. Speakers were excellent and the content of the information was both interesting and useful • Interesting, thought provoking • Highlights the unique AOS/CUP/MUO models across the NHS. De-mystifies the peer review process • A good mix of learning and reflecting sessions • The day will help in the further development of the CUP services • Relevant topics to my role • Great day for networking and sharing practice/guidelines • Informative day – good topics covered • Very informative – food for thought about service development and auditing • Good networking, inspiring speakers. Relief that not everywhere else is perfect and we are not so far behind • Great to network with other CUP teams and to share good practice • Great way to compare and contrast our services guiding future development of our CUP service • Good breadth of topic • Good opportunity for networking and discussion • Provided an insight into other trust’s ways and visions with regard to MUO MDT.

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