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26 Jul 2018

The Royal College of Pathologists have published (July 2018) their ‘dataset’ for CUP . We believe that this is a major step forward – improving significantly the ability of all pathologists, many of whom will have no prior experience of CUP,  to provide guidance that helps target patient treatment.

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13 Jun 2018

Oncologists, pathologists, palliative care physicians, CUP nurses, patients, patient advocates from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland attended Improving patient experience with your MUO-CUP service on 12 June. Topics included: developments in pathology; complex diagnostic problems; integrating palliative infertility care; clinical trials; urgent referral pathways. The photo below shows CUP CNS Dawn Platt talking on how to implement an effective patientRead more

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03 Apr 2018

Patients, who are later designated with CUP, often suffer a late diagnosis because they are presenting with vague symptoms. We welcome the pilot scheme announced today, explained here. The pilot is being carried out at: North Middlesex University Hospital, University College London Hospital, Southend University Hospital, Queen’s Hospital, Royal Free Hospital, St James’s University Hospital, Airedale General Hospital, University HospitalRead more

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09 Mar 2018

On 7 March 2018 the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) held a day in London for CUP researchers looking at the future of UK CUP, and acute oncology, research. The specific objectives were to look at: Research into the optimum pathway for investigation of CUP patients Research into the optimum treatment for CUP patients Current research; priorities/gaps NCRI configuration toRead more

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26 Jan 2018

Following very successful events in London, Manchester and Birmingham, the next conference organized by SBK, with CUP Foundation as sponsor, moves to Bristol in June 2018. The day is designed for CUP Leads, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Oncology Consultants and other members of the MUO-CUP Team. An expert faculty will look at: – The challenges of diagnosis: when to do whichRead more

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30 Oct 2017

Pharmaceutical company Roche is to sponsor a multi-country trial to evaluate the efficacy of molecularly guided therapy versus chemotherapy in CUP patients.  The intention is to run the trial in approximately 25 (mostly European) countries. Last week it was agreed, within Roche, that there would be UK participation. There is more information on our Blog.

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10 Oct 2017

A day-long event on ‘Progressing your CUP service’ was held in Manchester on 9 October 2017. Some 75 oncologists and CUP nurses spent the day listening to presentations and discussing issues related to making their CUP Multi Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) work efficiently. The photograph below shows radiology consultant Dr Ben Taylor of the Christie Hospital talking on imaging in relationRead more

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30 Sep 2017

Blood and tissue collections from contributing CUP patients have now started at all the 100K Genomes Project centres in the UK.  The target for CUP is to collect 250 genomes. If you want the details of the overall project it is worth visiting Genomics England’s website. If you just want a brief summary, this is how we described it in ourRead more

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23 Aug 2017

The Wirral University Teaching Hospital have recently set up a MUO/CUP clinic and a CUP support group. They have been shortlisted for a Nursing Times Award 2017. CNS Jess Gilmore writes: “I have been looking after CUP patients for 7 years now and ensure our patients are aware of your website as another avenue of support in a patient groupRead more

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20 Jun 2017

SBK are organizing the third event devoted to CUP –  primarily for MDT members – this time in Manchester on Monday 9 October 2017 (the previous, very popular, events were held in Birmingham and London). Topics include: Updates on the potential of molecular profiling and immunotherapy Gathering evidence to support and enable CUP service improvements Building effective pathways from primary to secondaryRead more

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