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Developing and maintaining effective MUO/CUP MDTs

December 16, 2016

A conference was held on 6 December 2016 in London primarily for CUP keyworkers run by SBK and supported by the CUP Foundation. Topics included: The role of leadership in optimizing the CUP MDT; a summary of the 2016 external peer review by QST; the role of histopathology and radiology and palliative care in the CUP patient journey; good practice in data collection. Delegates valued particularly the opportunity to share ideas and good practice with oncologists and nurses from other Trusts. CUP Foundation Director spoke to the epidemiology of CUP and ‘patient experience’. He showed how UK incidence had declined by 37% in the last 20 years and mortality had fallen by 28% in the same period. Arguing that it was a painfully slow fall, he suggested that the increasing trend could become very rapid with an uptake of gene expression profiling of uncertain tumours to allow targeted treatment and eradicate all bar 5% of CUP.


Dr Kai-Keen Shiu, Consultant Medical Oncologist and CUP Lead, UCL Hospitals NHS Trust in the chair with Annie Law, Acute Oncology Advanced Nurse Practitioner, University of Leicester NHS Trust leading a group discussion of the CUP CNS key worker role.

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