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CUP incidence and mortality data latest (2017)

October 6, 2020

We rely on the excellent stats department of CRUK and the latest available year’s (2017) incidence and mortality data for CUP are shown below:

CUP incidence UK total: 8341. About 24 people a day in the UK receive a new CUP diagnosis. It is the 15th most common UK cancer (11th most common in females and 14th most common in males). CUP, along with stomach cancers have shown the fastest decrease in incidence in both males and females over the past decade in the UK.

CUP mortality UK total: 9156. About 26 people every day. CUP is presently the 6th most common cause of  cancer death and represents some 5% of all  UK cancer deaths. Over the last decade CUP mortality has decreased by 35%.


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