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Conservative Party Manifesto

May 19, 2017

We are an apolitical charity but on the realistic grounds that the Conservatives are most likely to regain power at the General Election it is interesting to note their manifesto commitment to: ‘continuing to support research into the diagnosis and treatment of rare cancers and other diseases, including Genomics England’s work in decoding 100,000 genomes’. What does it mean beyond support for the 100K Genomes Project? Who knows?

Other points of relevance for CUP:

• Deliver the new promise in cancer services to give patients a definitive diagnosis within 28 days by 2020
• Expand screening and facilitate a major radiotherapy equipment upgrade to help ensure more people survive cancer
• Improve the response to historically underfunded and poorly understood disease groups

Supporters might like to ask their door-stepping candidates, of all persuasions, what their policy is towards rare and less common cancers and what research they will be supporting! For the Conservative candidate, what does ‘improving the response to a poorly understood disease’ actually mean?
The manifesto is certainly something we can use in the future for Parliamentary Questions to Health Ministers: ‘given your commitment in your 2017 manifesto to support research into the diagnosis and treatment of rare cancers what are you doing about….[CUP]?!

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