Our Annual Report and Accounts for this year can be viewed here. 2020 has been a punishing year for all but there is plenty of good news:

• The latest epidemiological data show that CUP incidence and mortality rates have decreased by about a third (35%) in the UK in the period 2007 (when the charity was formed) to 2017. CUP, along with stomach cancer, has shown the fastest decrease in incidence in both males and females of all cancer types over this period.

• CUP research and trials in the UK have never been so buoyant. We have made a research grant this year to the Christie Hospital in Manchester; Dr Wasan’s immunotherapy trial in London has had some encouraging initial findings; and the Roche trial (some 87 sites in 23 countries including 9 centres in the UK), which slowed during the initial CV-19 peak, is getting back up to speed.

Our income this year has fallen by 37% but we have reduced our costs (and only 3.4% of our expenditure is spent on administration) whilst maintaining our charitable activities including supporting CUP research. As a charity dependent entirely on volunteer effort with no paid staff, we are very well balanced to weather the storm.

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