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Initial registration

If you are not used to ‘forums’, signing-up can be a bit daunting but this should be quite straightforward and only take a few minutes.

1. Insert a ‘username’ and your email address into the respective boxes on this page (circled in red in the picture below). Your username might be your first name, or your first and second names, or a nickname.


Unfortunately, we get attacked by spam machines. To help overcome this you will be asked a very simple maths question: five plus 9 in the example below.


2. Your screen will change to the picture below with empty boxes for username and password. You can not complete the next step until you get your password in an automatic eMail sent to you from Cup Found Jo Forum. In the meantime leave open the window with the image below.



3. Check your email (and your spam) for a message from Cup Found Jo Forum with the username you selected and the all important pasword looking something like: Username: johntest3    Password: DnYEbZtyzooIQ. Once you have the password you can cut and paste it into the WordPress box as in the image above (if you do not know how to cut and paste and you type it out, note that it is case sensitive). Do not forget to add your username above it.

4. You will now find yourself back on our ‘home page’. Go to the bar on the top and click on FORUM (you do not need to drop down – just the click on FORUM and you will see that you are logged-in. Now click on your name and then go to ‘Edit’. Please insert a photo or image of some sort that identifies you. This makes the interaction on the forum more human! You find your  photo collection using ‘Browse’. You can also change your password to something more memorable than DnYEbZtyzooIQ!



Three things to note:

  • Once you have completed the registration process you don’t need to re-visit this page; you just click on ‘Forum’ on the top menu.
  • Once you post a message it will not appear immediately. It routes to the moderator first for approval to avoid the forum being overtaken by ‘spam’ messages.
  • If you have skipped the ‘support’ section it may be worth going back to see what sort of information you might put in to start a discussion or seek help and advice. Please note that by registering, you agree our Terms & Conditions. If you run into problems contact us with the eMail address you have used to register, your user name, and the problem you are having with registering.


Once you are approved you will receive a password via eMail. This may take just a minute; most requests go through within the hour.