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20 Jun 2017

SBK are organizing the third event devoted to CUP –  primarily for MDT members – this time in Manchester on Monday 9 October 2017 (the previous, very popular, events were held in Birmingham and London). Topics include: Updates on the potential of molecular profiling and immunotherapy Gathering evidence to support and enable CUP service improvements Building effective pathways from primary to secondaryRead more

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18 May 2017

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph of 19 May, quoting a major study,  the NHS is among one of the worst health care systems in Europe due to poor cancer investment. Experts have blamed the low score on its lack of investment in specialist cancer care.

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07 Dec 2016

A day devoted to Developing and Maintaining your Effective MUO/ CUP team took place in London on 6 Dec 2016 run by SBK Healthcare with input from Jo’s friends (a similar event had been held in Birmingham earlier in the year). Some 50 people attended – predominantly CUP nurses and oncologists from Trusts throughout the UK – to discuss how bestRead more

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26 Oct 2016 17 Oct 2016

CUP survivor Berni Williams has turned the blog which she wrote while going through diagnosis and treatment, into a book.  It is now available here on Amazon 

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10 Oct 2016

To overcome CUP we need research. Those against BREXIT have argued that it will be bad news for cancer research in general; and those in favour of BREXIT have probably been concerned. This article by a highly respected oncologist takes a very positive view.  

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12 Sep 2016 06 Sep 2016

It is difficult to raise awareness of a disease that most people have never heard of; that many simply ‘can’t get their heads around’; and that some deny.  The Daily Mail have published an article today (6 Sep 2016) about Karen Lomas’ experiences as a CUP patient. It is helpful when a generous patient, a responsible journalist and an expertRead more

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12 Jul 2016

CUP CNS Katy Low presented a paper at the Cancer Data and Outcomes Conference on 14 June in Manchester: The impact of the NICE Carcinoma of Unknown Primary (CUP) Guideline in driving service improvements and transforming patient experience. The abstract and the slides of the presentation can be found here  

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08 Jul 2016

Hospital Trust and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) level data from the national Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) has just been published – Link here – following the national findings which were published on 7 June 2016. This is not CUP-specific but it does give you a good idea of how ‘your’ hospital, and the CCG that you fall under, measure-up. Against a numberRead more

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